Friday, May 15, 2009

Small features being pushed

So back in 2004 I created a small feature for mysqladmin allowing it to prompt for a password to set, rather than needing to specify it on the command line. It was a feature that came up in a training course I was teaching, so I wrote it up while at the hotel one day. I had filed this as Bug #5724.

The reason it got filed as a feature request bug is due to the fact that being a non-developer at MySQL AB meant I followed the normal community contributions process. I had several patches accepted via the community model (mysql prompt, some mysql readline enhancements, etc...) previous to this patch. However, for some reason around the time that this patch was submitted, patch acceptance slowed down.

Apparently the community acceptance process is actually working again, because today it got queued and pushed to a team tree which will be merged into MySQL 6.0. Only took 4.5 years to get in. Hopefully, my next patch will be included in a much shorter time now with the new process.

Note that I haven't done anything with this bug recently, jimw apparently found it himself or was prodded by someone to handle it.


  1. interesting to note, 6.0 is dead, so this is, in effect, not pushed.

  2. It was back ported to 5.5. Almost everything from 6.0, other than the optimizer features, was backported to 5.5.

  3. for some reason that surprises me... but also makes me glad.